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Our Approach

The expertise handed down from generations goes into creating exquisite clothing that caters to different tastes and needs of myriad kinds. The beauty in each piece lies in a close study of a person contour to selecting the fabric and choosing the design to the varied cultural needs at a wedding.

Understanding a customer's need and creating a complete shopping experience for Corporate need apart from Wedding needs is Khanate's expertise.

Our Story

The Kingdom of Khans as it literally means is a connoisseurs guide to fine dressing.It all began with a simple vision to become tailors of repute to make quality clothes that satisfied the discerning and common man alike. That was in 1979. The Khan Brothers Ayaz and Aleem a 5th generation have come a long way carving a unique niche for themselves as designers of repute; soon to be followed by the 6th generation.

Khanate has been catering to this sartorial indulgence of men for over three and a half-decade. The traditions of Made to Measure goes back to over Nine decades in Mumbai & then to Bangalore around 1927 says Ayaz khan, an ace designer & a catalyst to this transmutation of tailoring outlets to being a fashion house.

Sourcing of fabrics has always fascinated us in bringing newness to every garment produced here. The fabrics are sourced from different parts of the world. These are pure wools, pure cotton, Irish linens, and fashionable poly fabrics apart from local procurement of jamiavars, brocades, and cotton silks.

The expertise handed down from generations goes into creating exquisite clothes that cater to different tastes and needs of myriad in kind. There is an intense commitment to creating a garment according to different wedding needs culturally  & socially.

Creativity, color, cut and handwork have been the key in Khanate’s creations.

Meet the team

A 5th and 6th Gen Fashion Experience at Khanate. Meet the ones who got it this far and the one who will carry on the legacy.

Ayaz Khan

Fashion Designer

With interest in Fashion from the age of 17, Mr. Ayaz craved for in depth knowledge of Fabric and Design. His passion for creativity made him a brilliant designer, with a vision for quality and timeless style clothing.

Aleem Khan

Managing Director

Following the foot steps of his father and his brother Ayaz; Aleem went on to take this new found passion to greater heights.

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