A man in a well tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit


The Khan Brothers Ayaz and Aleem a 5th generation have come a long way carving a unique niche for themselves as designers of repute; soon to be followed by the 6th generation.


Khanate has been catering to this sartorial indulgence of men since over three and a half decade. The traditions of Made to Measure goes back to over Nine decades in Mumbai & then to Bangalore around 1927 says Ayaz khan, an ace designer & a catalyst to this transmutation of tailoring outlets to being a fashion house.

Behind the brand

"The Body-Soul is obvious, see the human, there is no permission, but the human cannot see, the Soul "


Inspired by this couplet of Rumi, we have always been in a constant attempt in achieving a connection between body and the garment covering it that enriches the soul of every Man.


Ayaz khan an ace designer with a unique blend of risk and confidence always tried on varied cuts, colours & clothe in designing for men.


The ramps were set on fire with passion, dedication, and creativity displaying man's success for different themes and occasions.

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